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Charles Ballay, M.D., Libertarian, Officially on the 2024 California Primary Ballot of Presidential Candidates

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

I am very happy to share the news, official as of today, that I am on the ballot as the Libertarian candidate for U.S. President, in the California Primary Election, to be held March 5, 2024. Click here, or the the image below, to open the PDF document.

What does this mean? The process of determining the Libertarian candidate for President differs from the Republican and Democratic process in a few key ways. Libertarian candidates aren't decided in the state primaries and caucuses, but selected as non-binding preferences. Only a few states will include Libertarians in their primaries and caucuses. Within those primaries (and California being comparatively great in influence), the winning Libertarian candidate gains a significant vote of confidence. This "non-binding preference" is taken into consideration in the Libertarian Convention. Ultimately it's the Libertarian Convention (May 24- 26, 2024 in Washington DC) which will decide the Libertarian ticket for the Presidential / Vice-Presidential candidacy. For a Libertarian, the results in the primaries and caucuses carry weight mostly in the form of awareness and exposure.

Awareness and exposure, right now, is everything for a new Libertarian candidate. Personally, as a physician and U.S. Citizen running for President, official candidacy in a Primary election is a great affirmation of hard work paying off, as well as encouragement to keep my foot on the gas. Placement on the California Primary ballot was simply (but not easily) a procedural matter of diligence and work, continuous prioritization of critical tasks, and what you can expect of me going forward.

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