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Charles Ballay, M.D.

Libertarian Candidate for U.S. President 2024

Charles Ballay, M.D., Libertarian Candidate for U.S. President 2024


July 12, 2035

2024 is the Year for a 3rd Party President



Our nation is at a crossroads. We face deep divisions and mounting concerns about government actions. Yet, I offer a fresh perspective that's not tethered to the two-party system. This independence is my strength, allowing me to envision and champion changes many might not even consider.


My campaign is about breaking barriers and carving out a space where individual potential is celebrated. Too often, voting becomes a mere exercise in party loyalty, overshadowing the real essence of candidates and their unique visions. We need to break free from this mold. America's strength lies in its diversity, but amid the current political noise, many balanced, insightful voices are lost. These are voices that can chart a new course for our multifaceted nation.


Our history is a testament to the power of freedom, individuality, and resilience against oppression. It's time we revisit those ideals. I aim to change the political landscape, driven by the conviction that we can pioneer a brighter path forward by embracing our diverse strengths.

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