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Charles Ballay's Issues of Concern as U.S. Presidential Candidate

"I aim to change the political landscape, driven by the conviction that we can pioneer a brighter path forward by embracing our diverse strengths." - Charles Ballay, M.D.

National Issues of Greatest Concern to Presidential Candidate, Charles Ballay, M.D.

Federal Admin
1. Stewardship of the National Treasury:

A.    Debt Strategy: Implement a determined, multi-year initiative to drastically cut the National debt. For the economic future of coming generations, this action is non-negotiable.

B.    Fiscal Responsibility Amendment: Champion a Constitutional Amendment mandating fiscal responsibility, ensuring sustained economic health, and preventing irresponsible financial practices in the future.

C.     Expenditure Accountability: Take swift action to terminate inefficiencies and waste in federal spending. Dispense with duplicity, redundancy, and unnecessary outlays. The government’s duty is to serve and protect its citizens, not to engage in social engineering.


2. Redefining the Tax Blueprint & and Fostering Domestic Prosperity:

A.    Tax Code Reform: Modernize our tax code. States like Texas and Florida demonstrate the viability of thriving without state income taxes. We must seek inspiration and streamline our federal tax structures accordingly.

B.    Federal Tax Adjustments:

  • Establish clear limits on taxation, especially in non-wartime conditions, to preserve individual freedoms and economic autonomy.

  • Reduce government interventions to empower businesses to reach their full potential. A leaner regulatory framework promotes innovation and growth.

  • Celebrate and support homegrown industries but ensure that trading conditions are equitable and non-exploitative.

C.     Domestic Economic Incentives: Prioritize free-market principles over tariffs. Encourage domestic growth through deregulation and open markets but deal only with nations that embrace open and fair-trade practices. Protect American economic interests from unfair practices such as currency manipulation.


3. Revitalizing Federal Administration:

A.    Fortifying Essential Services: Reinforce foundational services, minimizing bureaucracy. The government's primary role is to safeguard individual liberties and ensure public safety.

B.    Redefining Governmental Role: Encourage local and state leadership and private enterprise to be the primary drivers of national progress.

C.     Private Sector Collaboration: Collaborate with private sectors, leveraging their innovation and efficiency, to rejuvenate America.


4. Crafting Tomorrow's Education:

A.    Educational Priorities: Refocus the Department of Education on essential skills. Our youth should be prepared for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

B.    Diverse Educational Avenues: Endorse a variety of educational paths. Traditional academics aren't the only route to success. Vocational training deserves equal emphasis.

C.     Global Education Endeavor: Encourage international educational experiences to produce citizens familiar with global cultures. Promote understanding through immersion.


5. Balanced Immigration & Economic Strategies:

A.    Harmonized Immigration: Advocate for an efficient, streamlined, and merit-based immigration system, while ensuring national security.

B.    Efficient Visa Framework: Simplify visa procedures, focusing on economic benefits and cultural exchanges.

C.     Citizenship Framework: Offer a clear, streamlined path to citizenship for immigrants who contribute positively to the nation.


6. Holistic Drug and Alcohol Directives:

A.    Decentralized Oversight: Allow states to set their drug policies. At the federal level, promote decriminalization, recognizing the failures of the War on Drugs.

B.    Consistent Consumption Age: Pursue a consistent age requirement for all regulated substances.

C.     Medical Approach to Addiction: Treat addiction as a health issue, not a criminal one, focusing on rehabilitation over incarceration.


7. America's Resurgence: New Deal 2.0:

A.    Infrastructure Renaissance: Promote private investment in infrastructure. Allow market forces to identify and meet infrastructure needs.

B.    Private Enterprise Partnership: Reduce barriers and offer tax incentives to businesses willing to invest in and rejuvenate the nation's infrastructure.


8. Venturing Beyond: Space as Our New Horizon:

Cosmic Exploration: Prioritize partnerships with private entities in space exploration. Encourage a cooperative global approach, emphasizing peace and exploration over militarization.


9. Reaffirming Democracy: Federal Tenure Boundaries:

Restoration of Public Faith: Advocate for term limits at all levels of federal governance, reducing career politicians and promoting fresh perspectives.


10. Transforming the Healthcare & Medical Landscape:

A.    Regulatory Refinement: Simplify health regulations, placing the focus on patient choice and provider competition.

B.    Eliminate fraud: Encourage whistleblower protections and incentivize private-sector solutions to detect and eliminate fraud.

C.     Ethical Pricing Framework: Promote transparency in pricing, allowing consumers to make informed decisions.

D.    Preventative Health Paradigm: Shift focus to preventative health and wellness, recognizing the long-term benefits of a healthy population.

E.     Insurance Flexibility: Promote competition by allowing insurance purchases across state lines.

F.     Medical Credential Mobility: Encourage states to recognize medical credentials from other states, fostering a competitive healthcare marketplace.

G.    Revitalizing the FDA: Streamline FDA processes to ensure safety while promoting rapid innovation and patient access.

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